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"A Country Inn For Cats"
What vaccinations are required to board my kitty with you?

We require written proof or verbal confirmation from your vet for the following:
    - current on the RABIES vaccine (either 1 or 3 year variety)
    - current on the FVRCP vaccine (every 2 years minimum)

How do you handle flea control at The Cat's Nest?

We REQUIRE that all kitties staying here MUST be current on flea treatment (Advantage for example) or have flea medication applied at least one week prior to their stay here.  This helps protect your kitty as well as our other visitors.  Even inside only kitties need protection from fleas that can hitch a ride in on clothing.

Do you co-mingle kitties from other families together?

NEVER.  We absolutely do not co-mingle kitties from other families.

Do you ever let the kitties out of their rooms?

Throughout the day we let our guests out of their rooms for some free time out in the common area or outside in one of our outdoor rooms (with their parents' permission, of course).  This gives your kitty time to exercise and explore.

Why do I need to schedule an appointment to visit The Cat's Nest?  Why can't I just stop by whenever I want?

When you are touring our facilities we need to be able to give you our undivided attention.  The same goes for when you are dropping off your kitty.  We need to be sure that we have time to get your specific instructions and also provide the least amount of stress for both you and your kitty.  By having a scheduled appointment, you are ensuring that you will get the one-on-one attention you deserve and we pride ourselves in providing.
Frequently Asked Questions